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    here's What you'll get:

    An 8-page printable workbook complete with...

    • a questionnaire to analyze how you currently go about your day
    • ideas to get you inspired
    • plenty of space to make your own notes
    • an outline of your new game-plan for tomorrow (Yes! We're starting right away!)

    It's all ready to go! You in?

    But, Emma, What's it all about? Can you give me a little more information?

    Okay, since you asked...

    This workbook was created so that you could get a better picture of how you personally can start honouring God with your whole life -- including the 'boring' everyday things.

    I want to help you gain the right mindset with which to approach the seemingly daunting task of glorifying the Lord in each moment.

    It can be a pretty intimidating thing, can't it?

    That's why in this workbook, we're going to walk through your entire day in three manageable chunks -- morning, afternoon, and evening.

    Trust me, you'll have your next action steps figured out in no time.

    Now, let's get reforming those daily habits of yours! :)